Recyclable building materials saving the environment have been gradually getting in the limelight. The building-in of glulam bond timber covers a very large scale of solutions for constructions in the building industry, which positively stimulates architects to design ecologic (green) constructions.

In the bridging of the same free span, glulam constructional elements are much lighter than steel load-bearing supports. Thanks to the very useful qualities of wood, it is possible to produce, from a single piece, a bridging in the length exceeding 60 m. The low weight means a great advantage during the transport of even large-sized constructional elements; for this reason, the cost of transport is lower and the environment pollution coefficient is too. Almost any shape can be manufactured from glulam beams, from narrow elements to narrow, rounded with a variable cross section. For this reason, the customer as well as the architect may freely choose from various forms during the designing.
Finished components are very resistant to aggressive chemicals; for this reason, we warmly recommend you to use them in the constructing of chemicals storehouses or thermal baths.

Lepené lamelové drevo BSH má široké použitie a vyrába sa modernou technológiou. Lepené lamelové drevo BSH je hranol, ktorý môže mať od hranolov z reziva veľmi odlišné prierezové a dĺžkové rozmery, môže byť rovný, oblúkový aj viac krát zaoblený. Neobyčajné prierezové a dĺžkové rozmery je možné dosiahnuť šírkovým a dĺžkovým napájaním.

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