LATTI-EXTRA Ltd. was set up in 1994 in Komárno, Slovakia. Ladislav Kacz, Margita Kaczová, Ing. Attila Csicsó and Anna Csicsová are company founders. Since 1994 the company workshop has been manufacturing components of roof and other building structures from glulam beams. The production and assembly are effected by highly professional and qualified company´s employees and assemblers.

LATTI-EXTRA Ltd. is one of the leading companies producing wooden products in Slovakia. Our atypical structural elements produced from glulam beams are a great success on the domestic as well as foreign markets. Thanks to our customers´ satisfaction, we are still able to perform as well and to maintain the production quality as until now, even despite unfavourable economic conditions prevailing on the market at present.

We look to the future positively, after all, wooden products are given, year-by-year, greater and greater space on the world market thanks to the rapidly developing industry, awareness of the environment protection and basic raw material – wood as a universal, ecologically healthy and economical building element. We continuously intend to expand our production, workshop pre-assembly and assembly on site by new products that will be important constructional and accessory components of ecological building industry. Our main objective is to build compact buildings and houses that comply with the requirements of very stringent environment protection and economical power using in the western countries.

The environment protection has been one of the most important issues for us in the production since the company´s set-up. It is important to know that in every cubic meter of built-in wood there is 1.1t of carbon dioxide bound from the atmosphere, when we add this amount to the amount in the wood, which is 0.9t of CO2, it means 2t of bound CO2 in every cubic meter of wood. By building in wood, we significantly contribute to the protection of climatic conditions. We gain basic raw materials primarily from the woods in Slovakia and Ukraine. We believe that logging will not lead to the destruction of woods and that foresters will duly take care of growing of woods as a renewable source of building material.

Lepené lamelové drevo BSH má široké použitie a vyrába sa modernou technológiou. Lepené lamelové drevo BSH je hranol, ktorý môže mať od hranolov z reziva veľmi odlišné prierezové a dĺžkové rozmery, môže byť rovný, oblúkový aj viac krát zaoblený. Neobyčajné prierezové a dĺžkové rozmery je možné dosiahnuť šírkovým a dĺžkovým napájaním.

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